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Welcome to DLA Cosmetics, the #1 website for all things beauty! Whether you're looking for lip oils, skin-nourishing body butters, or captivating pheromone oils, we have it all. Our handcrafted products cannot be beaten in quality. All our products are not only kind to you but are also cruelty free.

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Lip Gloss CHAMPAGNE MAMI LIP OIL - DLA Cosmetics-Lip care products
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Champagne Mami

Get luscious lips with CHAMPAGNE MAMI LIP OIL from DLA Cosmetics. Nourishing and glamorous.

From our DLA Angels ❤️
From our DLA Angels ❤️
This will leave you smelling very YUMMY 10/10 will continue to buy more & more !💕💕💕💕💕💕DLA cosmetics ATE with this 😍
— j.
From our DLA Angels ❤️
THIS!!!! Omg! I just received it and didn’t believe the hype. I fell in love with the way it smells! 😍 it smells absolutely stunning! You just won me as a forever customer.
— Deborahgonzalez20
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